April 12, 2013

About Us

Who We Are

ENT for Children is a caring group of fellowship trained Pediatric Otolaryngologists, speech therapists and audiologists who specialize in providing compassionate care to the unique needs of your child. We strive to deliver excellent surgical and medical care related to a wide variety of pediatric ENT conditions.

Your child’s care is as precious to us as it is to you

Because our sole focus is on pediatric ENT care, we are experts at working directly with your child to calm any concerns. Medical problems can be challenging for children and their families, which is why we provide the most comprehensive ENT care to your child in a caring environment with thoughtful attention and compassion.

What We Do

Our pediatric ENT specialists are trained to assess the specific needs of your child and provide comprehensive treatments, large and small, from ear tubes to cochlear implants and airway reconstruction.

Treating a child is not the same as treating an adult

Pediatric patients are extremely aware of their surroundings and have special emotional requirements that are ideally managed by a trained pediatric ENT. And when it comes to your child, ENT for Children provides a one-of-a-kind environment and access to a wide range of medical options to treat the unique nature of a child’s developing body. Our pediatric ENT specialists and pediatric nurses are here to ensure one thing – to make your child healthy and happy again.

From earaches to throat issues and everything in-between, a child’s condition will be promptly diagnosed to ensure a treatment that delivers optimum health, comfort and well-being. Providing specialized pediatric ENT care in our offices in Southlake and Coppell, we work with children from across the North Texas area.

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